Donald Trump Tweets on Christmas Eve Attack Mitch McConnell, Stimulus, Twitter

President Donald Trump attacked Senator Mitch McConnell and Twitter while he continued to criticize the results of the 2020 presidential election in tweets on Christmas Eve. Between retweeting Team Trump videos and allegations of electoral fraud that were quickly flagged by Twitter, the president also defended one of his Fox News allies.

Trump spent golf playing Thursday after traveling to Florida on vacation, shortly after threatening to end the bipartisan relief agreement COVID-19, approved by Congress on Monday.

After months of negotiations, lawmakers reached an agreement worth $ 900 billion that included $ 600 stimulus checks – but the president surprised both Republicans and Democrats when he suddenly demanded that the bill be amended to include checks of $ 2,000 stimulus in a video posted on Tuesday.

The proposal was blocked by House Republicans after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi presented it at a session on Christmas Eve.

In addition to denying aid to millions of Americans who suffered during the coronavirus pandemic, Trump’s tip that he will not sign the legislation also risks a federal government shutdown next week, since it was linked to an expense account $ 1.4 trillion to finance the government during the fiscal year.

U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump disembark from Air Force One on arrival at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Florida, December 23, 2020,
Saul Loeb / AFP via Getty Images

Despite the turmoil, Trump moved on with his winter break – and his Christmas Eve tweets indicated that his last-minute interjection may aim to punish Republican lawmakers for not supporting him in his efforts to subvert election results.

“At a meeting in Florida today, everyone was asking why Republicans are not up for war and fighting over Democrats stealing the rigged presidential election?” Trump tweeted after a visit to his golf club in Palm Beach.

He checked the name of McConnell, the Senate majority leader, in another tweet.

“I saved at least 8 Republican senators, including Mitch, from losing in the last Rigged election (for president). Now they (almost everyone) sit and watch me fight against a dishonest and cruel enemy, the radical Left Democrats. NEVER FORGET. ! ” Trump wrote.

Trump’s baseless allegations about electoral fraud were promptly flagged by Twitter as “contested”, generating a furious tweet about the social media platform.

“Twitter is going crazy with its flags, trying hard to suppress even the truth,” wrote the president. “It just shows how dangerous they are, purposely stifling freedom of expression. Too dangerous for our country. Does Congress know that this is how communism starts? Cancel culture at its worst.”

Trump previously tweeted one of his own 2014 tweets in what appeared to be an excavation of the government’s stimulus package.

“I hope that we will never find life on other planets because there is no doubt that the United States government will start sending money to them!” said the June 4, 2014 tweet.

In his video denouncing the stimulus package and the spending account as a “disgrace”, Trump characterized the amount earmarked for foreign aid as “a waste and unnecessary”.

Trump also defended Maria Bartiromo after a Los Angeles Times article questioned the coverage of Fox News presenter on Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud.

“Maria’s program and ratings are better than ever. They are trying to embarrass her so that she doesn’t tell the truth. Her audience would go away, and she is very smart for that,” wrote Trump in response to a tweet.