Daft Punk releases new extended version of Tron: Legacy soundtrack

One of the best movie soundtracks in recent memory now has a new extended version. The soundtrack of Tron: Legacy, originally written and recorded by EDM duo Daft Punk, now has a new re-release on Spotify and Apple Music that includes the full original track and nine additional tracks.

This new version of the soundtrack, which is being called “Complete Edition”, was launched to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the film’s release. Although the film was poorly received (but appears to be in the middle of a slow reevaluation), the soundtrack was an instant success. In addition to being loved by Daft Punk fans and fans of good music in general, the soundtrack also received a Grammy nomination.

The Complete Edition includes nine additional tracks that were not part of the original soundtrack release, but are not really new or previously unreleased songs. Most tracks are available in other forms, such as vinyl release exclusives or iTunes exclusives. This is the first time that they are collected in the same location.

Even if the songs are not new, we appreciate any and all excuses to hear the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Also, if you weren’t following, the film starring Jared Leto Tron 3 is still in development with a new director, Garth Davis. If you would like to revisit the soundtrack in the form of a film, or just want to see if you were wrong about the film from a decade ago, you can broadcast Tron: Legacy at Disney Plus.