Daft Punk releases ‘full edition’ of his impressive Tron: Legacy soundtrack

Fans of the amazing Daft Punk Tron: Legacy The score will receive an excellent Christmas gift this year: an extended version that is now available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Tron: Legacy The Complete Edition adds nine tracks that were not available on the original score, according to Polygon. Here’s the problem: these are not new songs. Some are exclusive to iTunes; others are tracks that were only available on vinyl. There is also a bonus track from Amazon MP3 and – look at it – a bonus track from Nokia Music Store. The Complete Edition it simply marks the first time that everything was collected in one place.

Even though the tracks are not new, I am excited to have an extended and complete version of the score available on Spotify. I Love Tron: Legacy and I love the score. I play almost every day while working. “The Game Has Changed,” “Derezzed,” “Disc Wars,” and “Arena” are perfect for productivity – not something Daft Punk may have planned, but it worked just the same.

Tron: Legacy it is a score that I have not had enough of, even 10 years later. Having nine new tracks – even if they are unlikely to compete with “Derezzed” or “The Game Has Changed” – is a perfect holiday treat.

Now, if only Disney would kindly give us an update on what’s happening with Tron 3, which has existed in development hell for years. The film, if it happens, will star Jared Leto and be directed by Garth Davis.