Christmas Day 2020: What’s open, what’s closed on Friday? Banks, UPS, courier delivery, restaurants, stores, stock markets

Christmas Day 2020 is Friday, December 25th.

It is a sacred and religious holiday around the birth of Jesus, but also a cultural phenomenon. Popular traditions include the Santa Claus tale, gift exchange, Christmas tree decorations and church attendance.

The vast majority of stores and services are closed.

Here is everything you need to know about what is open and closed on Christmas Day 2020.

Is Christmas a federal holiday?

Christmas is a federal and state holiday. Christmas has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1870. It is the last federal holiday of the year.

Is there mail delivery on Christmas Day 2020? Will mail be executed?

There will be no delivery of regular mail at Christmas, nor delivery of UPS or FedEx (except FedEx Custom Critical and UPS Express Critical).

However, the United States Postal Service website says that priority express mail will be delivered on Christmas Day.

Are post offices open on Christmas Day 2020?

United States Post offices will be closed, although self-service kiosks are still available in some locations for delivery.

Are banks open on Christmas Day 2020?

No. The following banks are scheduled to close on Christmas Day:

Are the stock markets open on Christmas Day 2020?

No. The bags will be closed on Christmas Day. Nasdaq’s securities and trading markets will also be closed.

Which stores are open on Christmas Day 2020?

Most stores will be closed, including major retailers like Walmart, Kohl’s and Costco.

Here are the stores and pharmacies with confirmed opening, according to

  • 7-Eleven (opening hours vary by store)
  • Pharmacy CVS (8h – 21h)
  • Rite Aid (times vary by store)
  • Walgreens (8am – 6pm)
  • Wawa (opening hours vary by store)

Here are the stores with confirmed closings, according to

What are the best offers during Christmas Day 2020?

There are many attractive sales being offered online during Christmas Day 2020.

Here are just a few:

Will grocery stores be open on Christmas Day 2020?

Most supermarkets will be closed, but some will open at reduced hours if you need to buy some ingredients for your holiday dinner. Ultimately, buyers should consult the local supermarket for specific information.

The following main supermarkets will be open on Christmas Day:

  • Acme (hours may vary depending on location), according to Good Housekeeping report
  • Foodtown, according to a Foodtown spokeswoman.

The following large supermarkets will be closed on Christmas Day, according to a Delish report:

Lidl will also be closed, a Lidl spokesman told NJ Advance Media.

Which restaurants are open on Christmas Day 2020? Is McDonald’s open? Is the Boston Market open?

It varies according to the establishment. Some restaurants may be closed, while others may sell prepared meals for the trip. Customers should consult specific restaurants for information.

The vast majority of local restaurants and chain stores close on Christmas Day to allow workers to stay with the family. But there are some limited options.

Some McDonald’s stores will be open on Christmas Day. The fast-food chain describes this only as a “handful” of its 13,789 restaurants and recommends checking the store locator for local times.

The same goes for Dunkin ‘. Some points may opt for limited hours, and Dunkin ‘recommends checking your store locator for hours. Some Starbucks stores will also be open.

Boston Market has many of its locations across the country open for business on Christmas Day. You can also try restaurant chains like Denny’s and IHOP. has compiled a list of 21 restaurants that are open on Christmas Day, with some varying by location.

Are malls open on Christmas Day 2020?

Most malls in New Jersey will be closed. The same will happen with many other major shopping centers across the state.

The only mall open on Christmas Day is the Voorhees Town Center, from 11 am to 8 pm, according to its website.

Are the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission locations open on Christmas Day 2020?

All Motor Vehicle Commission offices will be closed. In addition, all New Jersey state offices and courts are closed during the holiday.

Online processing of some documents is available on the Motor Vehicle Commission website.

NJ Transit, PATH and SEPTA operate on a regular schedule?

NJ Transit and SEPTA will operate on Sunday, while PATH will operate on Saturday. For NJ Transit, passengers must use NJ Transit’s online travel planner to check arrival and departure times.

When is the next federal holiday?

The next federal holiday is New Year’s Day on Friday, January 1st.

For more information on the story of Christmas Day, check out the video below:

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