Biden suggests ‘dirty game’ in political efforts to target son

Joe Biden

Photographer: Kevin Lamarque / AFP / Getty Images

Joe Biden said on Thursday that he believes efforts to use his son as a political club are tantamount to a “dirty game” amid a federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax issues and Republican calls for a special lawyer investigation. about their overseas negotiations.

“We have great confidence in our son,” said Biden in an interview with CBS host Stephen Colbert. “I am not concerned about any charges that have been made against him, it is used to get me. I think it’s kind of a dirty game, but – look, it’s what it is. “

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CBS News originally reported that Biden called the federal investigation itself a “dirty game”. But Biden’s campaign denied this characterization and launched a more complete transcript of the exchange, saying the president-elect was describing broader efforts to politically exploit his son’s business.

“Arguably there was ‘dirty play’ of that exact type,” tweeted Biden’s spokesman Andrew Bates, referring to people who use Hunter Biden as a “club” against his father. “Trump was accused of participating in the process.”

The comments were some of Biden’s most extensive since the disclosure of his son’s tax affairs investigation earlier this month.