Between us, the player starts the game running on a Nintendo Wii

Among us made its console debut earlier this month, coming to the Nintendo Switch, but apparently this is not the only Nintendo console on which the game runs. With the proper configuration, someone managed to make the game run on the Nintendo Wii, although it does not run very well on the platform and is just proof that the idea works more than anything else. The user who performed the feat shared a video of the project for the Among us community to see along with an explanation of how things were done.

You can check out that video below that shows Among us being controlled with a Wii Remote on a TV screen. It’s hectic from the start and it’s not like anyone would like to play Among us, but at least it works to some extent.

I have between us working on the Nintendo Wii. from r / BetweenUs

In an explanation provided in the comments of the post, Redditor BurritoSOFTWARE, the user responsible for this project, gave some insights on how it came about.

“My Wii and PC are connected to my router with 2 ethernet adapters,” said the user. “So I used WiiVNC and TightVNC Server to stream Between Us from my PC to my Wii. This is not practical or anything, more like a POC. It is very slow too, even with wired connections. “

The user added in a later edition that he pressed the “2” button on the Wii Remote to make the on-screen keyboard appear.

To simplify the explanation, other users in the comments helpfully explained that the person basically used software to broadcast Among us from PC to Wii, which explains why the Wii Remote is controlling the mouse pointer on the screen. That means it’s technically the PC running Among us that is being broadcast on the Wii, but considering how the console is more than a decade old, this is probably the closest we’ll get to seeing Among us running on the Wii.

With Among us already on the Nintendo Switch and, apparently, on the Wii in some capacity too, the next console appearance to wait is the date that it will arrive on the Xbox consoles next year. We do not yet have an exact release date for the Xbox version, but we know that it will be included in the Xbox Game Pass as soon as it is released in the Xbox console family.