Baby Yoda dances to the guitar of Robert Rodriguez

Inside Llewyn Davis it looks different than I remember.
Photo: Robert Rodriguez / Twitter

Grogu approves guitar grooves. In the only backstage footage that mattered at all, director Robert Rodriguez shared a Christmas gift from the set of The Mandalorian: a short video of the Baby Yoda doll, pausing between takes, playing Rodriguez’s guitar. When he’s not being an incredibly powerful Force baby, it looks like Grogu likes to kick back and nod his head at sweet guitar licks. At a certain point, he even opens his mouth and gives a little cry. This clip, from when Rodriguez directed Chapter 14 “The Tragedy”, kind of makes you feel like Grogu is a real little Yoda actor playing a fictional Yoda. It’s the best shot of holiday puppets since Emmet Otter’s Christmas Jug-Band. With that blue screen in the background, you’re also ready for meme-ing. Go on, little Grogu.