Air Canada Boeing 737 Max suffers engine problem: aviation 24

A Boeing 737-8 from Air Canada, max.

Photographer: Nicolas Economou / NurPhoto / Getty Images

An Air Canada Boeing 737-8 Max on a test flight suffered engine problems that forced the crew to shut down one of the plane’s engines and make an emergency landing in Tucson, Arizona, reported.

Shortly after takeoff, the crew received an indication of low hydraulic pressure on the left engine, the website said. The three-member crew of the empty plane initially decided to continue the flight to Montreal, but turned off the engine and swerved to Tucson after receiving an indication of a fuel imbalance in the left wing, said.

The incident occurred on December 22, according to the report.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration allowed the 737 Max to return to the skies in November, after a 20-month hiatus caused by two fatal accidents. Boeing is seeking approval from other regulators around the world to relaunch the 737 Max, the manufacturer’s best-selling model.