7 things Joe Biden promised to do on his first day in office

President-elect Joe Biden has been spreading “day one” pledges throughout his campaign, mainly with a focus on reversing the Trump administration’s work. Here’s what he said is on his agenda for January 20, inauguration day:

1. Submit a DACA bill to Congress

In June, the president-elect promised to send a bill to Congress to create a path to citizenship not only for the nation’s Dreamers, immigrants brought to the US as children, but also for the 11 million undocumented people currently living in the country. . “It’s too late”, Biden wrote on Twitter.

But in November he eased that deadline, pledging to pave the way for citizenship in the first 100 days of his government.

“Part of that will depend on the type of cooperation that I can or cannot get from the United States Congress,” acknowledged Biden.

During the campaign, Biden pledged to end the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) that keep migrants in Mexico during hearings. Known as the “Stay in Mexico” policy, opponents claim that it puts migrants in danger, but Trump officials said it was the key to ending the “catch and release” whereby migrants were released to states United.


This week, Biden officials acknowledged that reversing Trump’s immigration policies could take “some time” and doing so at once would lead to an increase in the border.

Biden himself admitted that “it will probably take the next six months”.

2. Prohibit reverse travel

Biden made a series of grandiose promises during the summer, including ending Trump’s “vile” and “Islamophobic” travel restrictions in 13 Muslim-majority countries, often referred to as the “Muslim ban”.

“Today, the Chamber approved the #NoBanAct because no one should be discriminated against or chosen based on their faith. I will end President Trump’s Muslim ban on the first day and sign this bill, “he wrote on Twitter.

The ban initially blocked citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Now in its third iteration, the ban affects travelers from Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar and Nigeria. It blocks selected residents from Tanzania and Venezuela.

The government said the ban affected countries that did not share enough information for the United States to properly examine its citizens.


“The Trump administration’s anti-Muslim prejudice hurts our economy, betrays our values ​​and can serve as a powerful tool for recruiting terrorists,” said the Biden campaign website. “Prohibiting Muslims from entering the country is morally wrong and there is no intelligence or evidence to suggest that this would make our nation any safer. It is yet another abuse of power by the Trump administration aimed primarily at black and brown immigrants. Biden will do it immediately. rescind ‘Muslim bans’. “

3. Rejoin the Paris climate agreement

The president-elect promised to use executive action to join the Paris climate deals after Trump announced he would withdraw the country in 2017. The withdrawal was one of Trump’s campaign promises.

“So, we’re leaving,” said Trump. “The Paris agreement is very unfair at the highest level for the United States.”

“The Paris agreement is going to undermine our economy,” he said, adding that “it puts us at a permanent disadvantage.”

The Paris climate agreement is a pact between almost 200 nations to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to combat climate change. The United States, the world’s second largest carbon emitter, would be forced to reduce fossil fuel emissions by almost 30% by 2025.

The United States has not formally withdrawn from the agreement until this year.

About 189 countries remain committed to the 2015 Paris agreement, which aims to keep the average global temperature rise “well below” 2 degrees Celsius.

Some opponents of the agreement noted that countries like Russia and China were not affected as significantly by the agreement as the United States and pointed to the discouraging results of the Kyoto protocol, raising questions about whether the Paris agreement would reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases greenhouse at all.

“Under the Biden-Harris government, we will return to the Paris agreement on the first day and lead the world in the fight against climate change,” wrote Biden on Twitter.

Biden has already chosen two climate “tsars”, in addition to an EPA chief – John Kerry, who will lead the country’s international climate efforts, and Gina McCarthy, who will focus on US domestic climate policy.

4. Executive order in masks

“On the first day, I will sign an executive order to demand masks everywhere I can,” wrote Biden on Twitter earlier this month.

Biden, recognizing that he did not have the authority to demand masks in most situations, promised to do so in federal buildings, interstate travel such as planes, trains and buses, and to work with governors and mayors on their own mask mandates.

Most states in the country already have some form of masking mandate to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

5. Reverse limitations of Trump asylum

Responding to a report that Trump had terminated the Flower Agreement, Biden promised on the first day “to eliminate President Trump’s decision to limit asylum and to undo his executive orders that eliminated Obama-Biden’s enforcement priorities in national security and security.” public “.

“It is cruel and abominable to deprive migrant children of the few protections they have. It is not enough for this government to place children in cages without soap and beds, now it wants to keep them there indefinitely. We are not like that ”, Biden wrote on Twitter.

Courts fulfilled Biden’s promise in the Flores Agreement, or a policy that allowed only migrant children to be detained for 20 days. The Trump administration sought to keep them with their families, but to detain them indefinitely. A judge rejected the effort in September 2019.

In July, an appeals court overturned Trump’s “asylum ban”, a rule that would require migrants traveling to other countries to seek asylum there first.

6. Move to raise taxes on the rich

In October 2019, Biden promised to “move to” eliminate Trump’s tax cuts. “On the first day, Joe Biden will move to: eliminate Trump’s tax cut for the super-rich, eliminate unjustified gaps in our tax code and use that money to invest in America’s future.”

Biden has repeatedly promised that “he will not raise taxes on those who earn less than $ 400,000” annually.

The Democratic plan is to bring the 37% rate to a pre-Trump rate of 39.6% for those who are at the top of the individual federal income tax ranges. Corporate tax rates would also rise, from 21% to 28%, and people earning more than $ 400,000 a year will, as promised, have to pay additional payroll taxes.


7. Sign executive orders regulating oil and gas

The Biden campaign website promises that the president-elect the next day “will sign a series of new executive decrees with unprecedented scope that go well beyond the Obama-Biden administration”.

These orders will aim to demand “aggressive” methane pollution limits for the oil and gas sectors, adding stringent fuel economy standards and reimplementing the Clean Air Act, conserving 30% of America’s land and waters by 2030 and reinstating protections on federal land and water.