3 reasons why Steelers need to start Rudolph instead of Roethlisberger

Here are three reasons why the Steelers should roll with Rudolph over Roethlisberger this week

Ben Roethlisberger He probably played his worst game as a professional last week against Bengals, while struggling from the start to move the ball with his arm. Although he played better in the second half, his bad game had already buried this team. With a vital game against the Colts approaching, the Steelers must find a way to win. Here are three reasons why Steelers should deal with Mason Rudolph about Roethlisberger this week.

Important to note

Last week, I had written that the Steelers should allow Rudolph to play the last two games to preserve Roethlisberger. This is no longer the case, as this crime is desperate for a new wrinkle, and they are not getting it from Roethlisberger. While the playoff spot is guaranteed, the team still needs another victory to claim the division. At this point, Rudolph can give the team the best bet to do that.

That said, ideally it would not be permanent. Unless Rudolph looks like a star, which seems unlikely due to his game last year, Roethlisberger is the best long-term option this year as a defender. However, these past four weeks have been some of the worst football weeks of his career, and he needs to find out. This can be a cure for an injury or it can be putting your head in place, but the team cannot continue to play against him when he is as bad as he is. That said, if the team has to rely on Rudolph for the rest of this year plus the playoffs, the Steelers will be in trouble.